Microsat Content Management System

Microsat Content Management System
Microsat I.T is probably one of the leading web site content management system companies in Cyprus. We offer a wide range of content management solutions which can be fully customized and seamlessly integrated with your existing systems for round-the-clock content management and updating. We have also developed a unique system for managing and maintaining Web content across enterprises.
When deciding to develop a content management system (CMS) our programmers had one thing in mind, to create a cms that will be fully featured, performance tuned, intuitive to use, and of course rock solid reliable, scalable, and secure. Features of our cms that make the difference are :

o The ability to have a multi-level, multi-platform level access structure
o (Realistic) Multi-lingual capabilities, where any language can be assigned to a data field with no restirictions.
o "Unlimited" levels of page information and menus
o "Unlimited" levels of products and categories

Powerful and easy-to-use, Microsat I.T’s CMS  is just the right tool to meet the faster-paced requirements of websites which are driven by competitive pressures and marketing initiatives. Probably better than the majority of other CMS, it is absolutely secure, extremely user-friendly and easy to implement & maintain.