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Dynamic Digital Signage

Dynamic Digital Signage (DDS) is all about relevance: Getting the message that matters to the right customers, when they need the information. This is what makes Dynamic Digital Signage—dynamic!Visually communicate your brand and message with dynamic digital signage. It enables you to broadcast your messages quickly and easily, locally and globally, to customers and employees—all from a central location. Whether your installation is one sign or a thousand, you can trust your project to Microsat Internet Technology Ltd.... 


Digital Signage 

To control and manage the digital screens digital signage software is used. The quality and features of the chosen software mainly determine the capabilities of your digital signage system.
Net Display Systems is one of the world''s leading providers of digital signage software. Microsat Internet Technology is proud to be part of Net Displays Systems  infrastructure of recognised resellers in Cyprus and Greece...  

Microsat Content Management System

Powerful and easy-to-use, Microsat I.T’s CMS  is just the right tool to meet the faster-paced requirements of websites which are driven by competitive pressures and marketing initiatives. Probably better than the majority of other CMS, it is absolutely secure, extremely user-friendly and easy to implement & maintain...   


Ecommerce Solutions 

Ecommerce involves buying and selling of products or services through the Internet. Ecommerce is the best voted option for online selling considering the fact that it is a billion dollar industry with endless online store owners and online buyers. Various reasons can be attributed to it. People have easy access to the Internet. They can very conveniently do comparative study of products they intend to buy without going anywhere. Moreover when they buy online they get great bargains.
Ecommerce or online stores allow you to see something that is put up for sale even at the opposite end of the world. What makes Ecommerce a better sales option is that you don''t need to step out of your home especially considering the busy lifestyle everyone has these days ... Read More >>

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (also known as ERP) is an effective approach that most businesses implement to enhance their productivity and performance. Before implementing this system, it is necessary that business owners and board members have an extensive look at the benefits and risks associated with the use of the ERP system.
Enterprise Resource Planning is usually implemented by corporations to centralize the databases and functions of every department in a single system. The system features various components including software modules, which integrate and manage all the business and private records of firms. With the proper use of this system, firms can decrease their losses and increase their profits...


Web Hosting Services

Microsat Internet Technologies Ltd, is one of a handful web hosting companiesin Cyprus  that have their servers on the back bone of a local data center.  As with all our services, we have a solution just for you.
Reliability and service as our main focus, keeps your business in the front line of success at all times.