Dynamic Digital Signage

Dynamic Digital Signage

Digital and dynamic signage is rapidly becoming a mainstay of marketing strategies and budgets for many organizations. With technology becoming more sophisticated and less expensive, it is inching closer to achieving equal importance to traditional advertising and marketing vehicles such as TV spots, newspaper placements and direct mailings. Consequently, companies, great and small, have a great opportunity to get a leg up on their competition by making their content more compelling. The obvious question then is, “How do companies make this happen?”

There are several elements that go into producing striking digital signage, but the most important is making it relevant to your audience.

With the proliferation of LCD and plasma screens and high-definition TVs, picture quality is crisper than ever. Moreover, the ability to deliver full-motion video allows for a greater level of creativity.

 Ease-of-layout is also a key factor in determining the aesthetic quality of the display. Another critical aspect of content is timing. Unlike newspaper ads, billboards, and even TV spots, dynamic signage can (and should) be refreshed and altered quickly.

News feeds, sports and weather updates are common in airports and other transportation venues. With travelers often away from their computers and TVs during long days of traveling, they’re eager for information that is up-to-date.

 In corporate briefing centers, retail stores, malls, schools, hospitals, stadiums, airports, and even theme parks, dynamic digital signage is transforming how company’s speak ,and  how and when customers and visitors receives information. Because digital signage can deliver the right message in the right place and at just the right moment, its fast becoming an integral part of brand building around the world. For example, given that more than 75% of all purchasing decisions are made inside the store premises, the effectiveness of digital communications at the point of purchase cannot be ignored. This is just one reason why over the next six years this concept is expected to grow 8 fold. But, by turning static environments into dynamic messaging platforms also requires the right combination of strategic planning, technical expertise, and creative expression.


For brand managers and marketers, this means finding a partner with the skill and resources to create appropriate and effective digital experiences. C.K.M Microsat Internet Technology Ltd is that partner.
Our content integration and template development team provides integration, template design and customization. Partnering with leading solution providers, we have the experience and services to organize, edit, compress, upload and deploy content remotely or onsite to installations throughout the world. We have the resources, tools and knowledge to strategically manage content after it has been created.