Why Bulk SMS ?

If you are wondering, why do so many companies use Bulk SMS as part of their Marketing Campaigns, here are some of the reasons :

Bulk SMS allows businesses to communicate with their customers within minutes for a very low cost, instantly.

All Phones accept SMS. Most people today own a mobile phone.

It is simple and effective.

You can login, create your campaign, and deliver your message in minutes.

It is Green. Unlike mail and print advertising, SMS delivers your message directly with no waste of paper or additional harm to the environment.

Access this service anywhere at anytime.


Why MicroSMS ?

No expiry date.

No hidden charges.

User Friendly.

Black list Function.

API connectivity with 3rd party applications.

Client Information Security Guaranteed.

1 Message 160 characters (Greek or English).

Message Delivery Reporting.

Full Historical Message Reporting.

Personalised Message Option.

Scheduled Message Option.

Fast and Trusted Delivery.

Customised Sender ID.

Flat rate per country.

Our Solutions are Agile, affordable & Quality Centric!

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